Some explanations about the design and advantages of our apparatus:

Inert to acids; very even heating temperature; facilitate analyses and reduce costs; fit perfectly into all laboratories, all types of clean rooms and also in the workspace; adapt to the dimensions of the vessel; modular and multi-purpose; simple or programmable, safe temperature control.

1° Inert to acids:
The PFA coating (around 400µm) makes our apparatus completely resistant to corrosion: zero risk of contaminating the laboratory and samples. Components wear very little, favouring a very long life cycle: our first apparatus were sold in 2001 and are still in use, despite heavy use in HF environments.

2° Very even heating temperature:
The material we make them from (graphite) is the best known heat conductor to date, ensuring perfect homogeneity +/-2°C anywhere, even at the furthest edges.

3° Facilitate analyses and reduce costs:
Use of the steam washing apparatus: lowers blanks of the containers and thus improves the analysis. Extends the lifecycle of the reusable vessel.

4° Fit perfectly into all laboratories, all types of clean rooms and also in the workspace. Adapt to the dimensions of the vessel:
As the manufacturer, we can offer you apparatus adapted to the dimensions of the spaces available in the laboratories, which makes workstations much more ergonomic and at no additional cost, other than that of the materials. Our apparatus have passed the acceptance tests in class 1 clean rooms and satisfy the standards EC EMC 89/336/EEC – LVD 73/23/EEC – EN 61010

5° Can be machined to the sizes of your vessels:
Some analyses require the use of special vessels that are not always suitable for mineralization or do not fit the size of the heating apparatus. As the manufacturer, we can adapt our apparatus to your vessel.

6° Modular and multi-purpose:
A hot plate can be used as such, but also transformed into a mineralization apparatus. An EvapoClean® can be used to evaporate, concentrate, purify, mineralize.

7° Simple or programmable and safe control:
Our temperature controllers** are adapted to our customers’ needs. We offer a simple control (increase/decrease and maintain temperature) or a programmable controller (4 programmes). They are all protected against accidental startups and risks of overheating.

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