Since 1995, Analab, represented by its founder Michel GAERTNER, has been offering an exclusive complete range of consumables for different analytical techniques: O2-N2-H2, C/S, CHN-OS, ICP-ICP/MS,SAA, FX, gas analyzers, etc.

To this day, whether for the trade or manufacturing of apparatus, Analab continues to select suppliers for their rigour, reliability and integrity, but above all for the quality of the products they offer.

These same suppliers confide in us to represent them in France, some of them awarding us exclusivity over their products.

They acknowledge our comprehensive knowledge of the methods of analysis and equipment, our know-how and our dedication.

Thanks to our continuous exchange of information with users, Analab has earned itself a serious reputation, first in Alsace, then throughout France and now in many other countries.

You will find all of the consumables or apparatus that Analab represents in the menus:

Introduction of Samples


Supported by acclaimed scientists in the various areas of competence, the Analab company has rapidly expanded its scope of activity, filing a patent that authorises it to prepare samples in clean and ultra-clean tools.

Since then, it has extended its activities to the creation and production of apparatus for:

Vessel conditioning

Reagents purification


Evaporation in a closed or open environment

and offers solutions and consultancy to analysts while offering them unsurpassed comfort and safety.

Anxious to constantly improve our products, we apologise in advance for any obsolete information that might appear on our site, and we ask you not to hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, special requests or comments.