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Robust Sample Heating and Evaporation

FluoroPlate delivers constant and uniform heating for all your sample preparation needs. The rugged and inert design assures years of reliable operation in corrosive conditions, and are highly customizable with optional EasyDigest Racks. ANALAB FluoroPlates are available in a range of sizes and with optional EasyDigest racks for any laboratory application.

  • PFA-coated graphite work surface and PTFE surround for maximum inertness in aggressive chemical environments
  • Uniform temperature across all sample positions (+/- 2 ºC)
  • Suitable for Class 1 (ISO 3) clean room environments - no contaminants/particulates


Inert Heated Sample Digestion

The inert construction of the FluoroBloc delivers a constant and uniform temperature for the vessels resulting in highly reproducible digestions. Suitable for a range of standard EPA methods such as 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 200.9, 245.1 and 365.1 for waters, as well as 3010A, 3020B, 3050B and 3060 for solid waste samples.

  • PFA-coated specialty graphite work surface for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Uniform heating across sides and bottom of each vial, providing optimal digestion conditions
  • No exposed metal surfaces on the digestion module make them suitable for Class 1 (ISO 3) clean room environments – no contaminants/particulates


Sub-boiling Purification Systems

Safely produce ultra-pure reagents for trace metal analysis from inexpensive reagent grade materials. Provides easy operation and simple setup for purifying multiple reagents. Three CleanAcids models are available to serve your laboratory’s purification needs.

  • Reagents are gently heated and the high-purity vapors produced condense into PFA collection bottle
  • Sub-boiling distillation produces high-purity acid in a single step
  • Safe unattended operation with externally located regulator
  • Reduce operating costs and lower detection limits


Closed System Sample Evaporation

The Analab EvapoClean systems are designed to safely evaporate and concentrate samples in aqueous acids and organic solvents for trace metal analysis. They provide a closed sample evaporation environment that protects important samples from external contamination.

  • Provides partial or complete evaporation with constant and uniform heating
  • Available in 25 and 125 mL vessel sizes
  • All systems feature CleanClever wells for sample digestion and vessel cleaning


Individual Vessel Acid Vapor Cleaning

The CleanClever vapor cleaning system utilizes small volumes of acid and water to quickly decontaminate a variety of vessels for trace metal analysis. It provides individual cleaning of containers of various shapes and sizes for trace metal analysis. This highly flexible system provides a safe, simple and effective procedure for removing contamination from PFA, PTFE, and glass vessels.

  • Generates high-purity acid and water vapors from reagent-grade materials, which reduces operating costs
  • Individual cleaning eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Each CleanClever kit includes a PFA Bottom Reservoir and the customized CleanClever Sleeve
  • Over 25 CleanClever Sleeves provide compatibility to many commercially available vials and bottles


Automated Labware Cleaning Systems

EasyTrace systems provide high purity labware and vessel cleaning without requiring ultrapure acids. Safe, unattended operation with lower reagent costs while producing low repeatable blank levels. All EasyTrace systems include a versatile tray system for cleaning a wide variety of labware. Customized trays are available for more specialized applications.

  • High-purity vapor distillation process cleans glass and plastic laboratory vessels safely and efficiently with small volumes of acid in a closed system
  • The fully automated CRD model performs complete cleaning, rinsing and drying cycles
  • Eliminate guesswork and manual labor out of labware cleaning procedures for trace metals analysis with the innovative EasyTrace systems from Analab.
  • No operator contact with corrosive acids with enclosed EasyTrace and EasyTrace CRD systems

P’Tips Cleaner

Simple and Effective Cleaning for Pipette Tips

P’Tips Cleaner removes contamination from pipette tips, readying them for trace metal determinations. Tips can be safely and simply cleaned with acid solutions using these gravity-fed devices. Two P’Tips Cleaner models are available to accommodate various pipette tip sizes.

  • Simple and efficient cleaning of pipette tips for trace metal analysis
  • Contamination is leached from the pipette tips with acid
  • P’Tips cleaning process even allows tips to be reused if desired
  • Easy and safe to use


Remote Temperature Control for Analab Devices

Analab Regulators are designed to provide controlled and continuous power to Analab devices that require regulated heating for their operation. Options from basic plug-and-play model with a timer to a fully programmable model with multiple temperature steps, they provide the level of control required for multiple applications.

  • Designed for remote placement outside of corrosive atmosphere of lab hood for long operational lifetime
  • Provide direct temperature readout from controller display
  • Single temperature setpoint with timer model for basic heating & digestion requirements

Analab Sample Preparation

Analab products will help achieve cleaner, more reproducible sample digestion, reduce contamination, and maximize reagent purity with our portfolio of innovative and patented equipment – from routine analysis to clean room applications.

  • Reliable and reproducible sample digestion -with FluoroBloc and FluoroPlate systems
  • Sub-boiling distillation systems for the cleanest reagents and lower operating costs -with CleanAcids
  • Clean, decontaminate, and condition a wide variety of vessels for sample digestion, transfer and storage - with CleanClever and EasyTrace
  • Evaporate and preconcentrate samples - with EvapoClean
  • Prepare or decontaminate disposable or reusable pipette tips - with P’Tips Cleaner
  • Precise, reproducible temperature control of all heated systems - with our programmable regulators

Polypropylene Vials & Accessories

Available in both economical polypropylene for routine sample preparation in 50 mL vials and accessories.

Polypropylene Vials & Accessories

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