About Analab

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About Analab

Since the company was first founded in 1995, Analab has focused exclusively on improvements in sample preparation and state-of-the-art trace analytical techniques. With our innovative and advanced designs, Analab has become a trusted partner in laboratories worldwide for the most demanding applications – from isotope geochemistry to semiconductor manufacturing.

Our Company

We are global leaders in sample preparation, reagent purification and labware cleaning for trace elemental analysis.

Our Mission

To continue advancing the state of the art in sample preparation by responding to our customer’s evolving needs.

Our Products

Designed for years of reliable service in the most demanding applications, Analab is a trusted supplier of advanced sample preparation systems.

Acquired by Elemental Scientific in 2020, Analab is now distributed worldwide through ESI’s network of regional offices and dealers all while new products continue to be developed with access to more extensive engineering and production resources.

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