Temperature Regulators

Remote Temperature Control for Analab Devices

Analab Regulators are designed to provide controlled and continuous power to Analab devices that require regulated heating for their operation. Options from basic plug-and-play model with a timer to a fully programmable model with multiple temperature steps, they provide the level of control required for multiple applications.

Features & Capabilities

  • Designed for remote placement, outside of the corrosive atmosphere of a hood
  • Direct temperature readout from regulator display
  • Single temperature setpoint with timer shutdown model for basic heating & digestion requirements
  • Programmable with multiple setpoints for more advanced heating conditions
  • Dual controller regulators for combination of heating and external temperature probe readout/control

Regulators Brochure

Temperature Regulator

Shown: RNP-1V-15A-T Regulator

Regulators Brochure

Temperature Regulators

All modules require an external temperature regulator/ controller. Designed for remote location outside the corrosive atmosphere in the fume hood. They are available in 110V and 208-240V versions depending on the power circuits available in your laboratory with either a basic timer/single setpoint or multiple temperature program capability.

Single Controller Regulator Specifications
Model Timer Programmable Electrical Requirement NEMA Plug
RNP-1V-15A-T YES   110V/15A 5-15P
RNP-1V-20A-T YES   110V/20A 5-20P
RNP-2V-15A-T YES   208-240V/15A 6-15P
RNP-2V-20A-T YES   208-240V/20A 6-20P
RP-1V-15A   YES 110V/15A 5-15P
RP-1V-20A   YES 110V/20A 5-20P
RP-2V-15A   YES 208-240V/15A 6-15P
RP-2V-20A   YES 208-240V/20A 6-20P

Dual Controller Regulator Specifications
Model Timer Programmable Electrical Requirement NEMA Plug
RNP-DUAL-1V-15A YES   110V/15A 5-15P
RNP-DUAL-2V-20A YES   208-240V/20A 6-20P
RP-DUAL-1V-15A   YES 110V/15A 5-15P
RP-DUAL-2V-20A   YES 208-240V/20A 6-20P

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