Ideal Choice for Routine Sample Digestion

For routine sample preparation, the Analab FluoroBlocs are a perfect tool to ensure clean and reproducible digestions. Their rugged and inert design assures years of reliable operation in corrosive conditions.

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results

  • PFA-coated specialty graphite work surface for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Uniform heating across sides and bottom of each vial, providing optimal digestion conditions
  • No exposed metal surfaces on the digestion module make them suitable for Class 1 (ISO 3) clean room environments – no contaminants/particulates
  • Available in 24- and 48-position models to maximize sample throughput

Ideal for:

  • Metallurgy
  • Semiconductor
  • Nuclear
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical

Features Diagram

FluoroPlate Feature Diagram

FluoroBloc Brochure

FBP-48-V1 FluoroBloc Package

Shown: FBP-48-V1 Package

FluoroBloc Packages

The most popular FluoroBlocs are offered in complete turn-key packages, including a FluoroBloc bundled with a TransRack and Non-Programmable Regulator with Timer. Available in 24 position (50 mL vessels), 48 position (for 30 mL vessels), and 48 position (for 50 mL vessels).

Packages FBP-24-1V-50 FBP-24-2V-50 FBP-48-1V-30 FBP-48-1V-50 FBP-48-2V-50
Vial Capacity/Size 24/50 mL 24/50 mL 48/30 mL 48/50 mL 48/50 mL
Electrical Requirement 110V/15A 208-240V/20A 110V/15A 110V/15A 208-240V/20A
Plug Connector (NEMA) 5-15P 6-20P 5-15P 5-15P 6-20P
Max Operating Temp 250 (°C) 250 (°C) 185 (°C) 185 (°C) 250 (°C)

FB-24-1V-50 FluoroBloc

Shown: FB-24-1V-50 FluoroBloc


FluoroBloc 24 position (30 mL or 50 mL vessels) and FluoroBloc 48 position (30 mL or 50 mL vessels) 208-240V non-programmable regulator with timer sold separately. Equipped with PTFE bench and side thermal protection.

Vial/Capacity Size 24/30 mL 24/50 mL 48/30 mL 48/50 mL
110V/15A Models FB-24-1V-30 FB-24-1V-50 FB-48-1V-30 - FB-48-1V-50 -
208-240V/20A Models FB-24-2V-30 FB-24-2V-50 - FB-48-2V-30 - FB-48-2V-50
Max Operating Temp 250 (°C) 250 (°C) 185 (°C) 250 (°C) 185 (°C) 250 (°C)
Temperature Stability +/- 2 (°C) +/- 2 (°C) +/- 2 (°C)
Footprint LxWxH (cm) 48x25x24 57x33x24 57x33x24
Weight (kg) 15.8 15 19.6 18
Vial Depth (mm) 50 79 50 79
Vial Opening ID (mm) 31
Vial OD (mm) 30

Related Products

Temperature Regulator

Shown: RNP-1V-15A-T Regulator

Regulators Brochure

Temperature Regulators

All modules require an external temperature regulator/ controller. Designed for remote location outside the corrosive atmosphere in the fume hood. They are available in 110V and 208-240V versions depending on the power circuits available in your laboratory with either a basic timer/single setpoint or multiple temperature program capability.

Single Controller Regulator Specifications
Model Timer Programmable Electrical Requirement NEMA Plug
RNP-1V-15A-T YES   110V/15A 5-15P
RNP-1V-20A-T YES   110V/20A 5-20P
RNP-2V-15A-T YES   208-240V/15A 6-15P
RNP-2V-20A-T YES   208-240V/20A 6-20P
RP-1V-15A   YES 110V/15A 5-15P
RP-1V-20A   YES 110V/20A 5-20P
RP-2V-15A   YES 208-240V/15A 6-15P
RP-2V-20A   YES 208-240V/20A 6-20P

Dual Controller Regulator Specifications
Model Timer Programmable Electrical Requirement NEMA Plug
RNP-DUAL-1V-15A YES   110V/15A 5-15P
RNP-DUAL-2V-20A YES   208-240V/20A 6-20P
RP-DUAL-1V-15A   YES 110V/15A 5-15P
RP-DUAL-2V-20A   YES 208-240V/20A 6-20P


Shown: TRANSR-48P TransRack

TransRack Accessories

Optional transfer racks are available for easy transport and rapid loading/unloading of samples into a FluoroBloc. Available in PFA-coated stainless steel construction for strength and durability, and also in polycarbonate.

  • Available in both 24- and 48-vial versions
  • Fits 30 mm OD vials

TransRack Information
Model Material Vial Capacity
TRANSR-24P PFA Coated Stainless Steel   24
TRANSR-48P PFA Coated Stainless Steel   48
TRANSR-24PC Polycarbonate   24
TRANSR-48PC Polycarbonate   48

PFA Sample Vials and Bottles

Shown: PFA Sample Vials


In addition to digestion blocks, Analab also offers vials and consumables for your digestion requirements. Available in both economical polypropylene for routine sample preparation in 50 mL vials and accessories, and also in high purity PFA for the most demanding applications in 30 mL and 50 mL sizes.

PFA Sample Vials and Bottles
Part Number Description Quantity
V-31-30-V 30 mL graduated PFA vial – cored base (caps not included); 30 mm OD   5
V-31-30F-X 30 mL graduated PFA vial – flat base (caps not included); 30 mm OD   10
V-31-60-X 50 mL graduated PFA vial – cored base (caps not included); 30 mm OD   10
V-31F-60-X 50 mL graduated PFA vial – flat base (caps not included); 30 mm OD   10
PFA-K29-X Threaded screw cap for 30 mm OD PFA vials   10

Polypropylene Digestion Vials and Accessories
Part Number Description Quantity
V-29-0250-G-D 50 mL Polypropylene Digestion Tubes with Green Caps   500
V-29-0250-W-D 50 mL Polypropylene Digestion Tubes with White Caps   500
V-34-0250-D 50 mL Polypropylene VersaTube™ Digestion Tubes with Hinged Cap   500
C-41-02-M Disposable Watch Glasses for 50 mL Digestion Tubes   1000
C-34-02-M Disposable Reflux Caps for 50 mL Digestion Tubes   1000
FILT-0401-M FilterMate™ 6 μm PTFE-faced Polypropylene Filter   100

Hotplate 250°C 560×160 mm

Shown: Hotplate 250°C 560×160 mm

Custom Products

FluoroPlates, FluoroBlocs and Easydigest Racks can be built with custom dimensions to fit the sample digestion needs of your lab.

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