EasyTrace & EasyTrace CRD

Automated Labware Cleaning Systems

EasyTrace Systems provide high purity vessel cleaning without requiring ultrapure acids. They safely operate unattended with low operating costs and help produce low repeatable blank levels. All EasyTrace systems include a versatile tray system for cleaning a wide variety of labware. Customized trays are available for more specialized applications.

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results

  • High-purity vapor distillation process cleans glass and plastic laboratory vessels safely and efficiently with small volumes of acid in a closed system.
  • Eliminate guesswork and manual labor out of labware cleaning procedures for trace metals analysis with the innovative EasyTrace systems from Analab.
  • Significant costs savings by distilling reagent-grade acids and automating a typically labor-intensive process.
  • The standard EasyTrace system offers safe and effective acid vapor cleaning, while the EasyTrace CRD (Clean/Rinse/Dry) fully automates the entire process with complete rinsing and drying of your labware.
  • No operator contact with corrosive acids with enclosed EasyTrace and EasyTrace CRD systems.

Highlighted Applications

Microwave Digestion Vessel Cleaning

Conventional procedures for cleaning microwave digestion vessels are time-consuming and tedious, and may not always successfully remove all contaminants. The surface leaching process with ultrapure acid vapor employed by EasyTrace is more effective, as any dissolved/mobilized contaminants are now transported out of the vessel during the cleaning process.

Ultra-Trace Samples

Ultra-clean analytical laboratory applications in isotope geochemistry, oceanography and other fields require strict control and elimination of any contamination sources in tools and labware. The large perforated tray in EasyTrace is suitable for cleaning a wide variety of digestion vessels and sample containers as well as lids, caps and other tools used in ultra-trace sample preparation, analysis or storage.

EasyTrace Brochure

EasyTrace Models

EasyTrace can be used to clean polymer, quartz, glass etc., and includes one tray with reconfigurable rods for microwave vessels and other containers. EasyTrace CRD offers complete automation of cleaning agent additions/removal, DI water rinse, and drying cycles.

Model Total Footprint (cm) Capacity (cm) 110-120VAC Models 208-240VAC Models
Easytrace-S35 40 L x 40 W x 37.5 H 35.5 L x 35.5 W x 23.5 H ET-S35-1V ET-S35-2V
Easytrace-S35 CRD 40 L x 40 W x 37.5 H 35.5 L x 35.5 W x 23.5 H ET-S35-CRD-1V ET-S35-CRD-2V


Shown: ETX-BASE-80R-S35

Available Trays

EasyTrace is highly versatile by design, able to accomodate almost any type of vessel or labware. The base plates feature removable/reconfigurable vertical rods, allowing for a custom fit. EasyTrace XL models can support two baseplates stacked within the chamber for maximum vessel capacity

Part Number Description
ETX-48R-120 80 additional PTFE Rods for stabilizing vessels - 120 mm height, for use with EasyTrace
ETX-48R-160 80 additional PTFE Rods for stabilizing vessels - 160 mm height, for use with EasyTrace
ETX-48R-210 80 additional PTFE Rods for stabilizing vessels - 210 mm height, for use with EasyTrace
ETX-MP-S35 Middle Plate for EasyTrace S35. - 150 mm height
ETX-OD-S35 Outer Diameter vessel holder for EasyTrace S35. 90mm height
ETX-BASE-80R-S35 Additional PTFE tray for use with EasyTrace S35 with 80 vessel stabilizing rods

Related Products

Pipette Tip Cleaning

Pipette Tip Cleaning Racks

Pipette Tip Cleaning Racks

EasyTrace can also clean pipette tips before use. A selection of racks for different tip sizes are available. Transfer racks are used for inserting/removing tips that come in prearranged sets into the cleaning racks in order to minimize manual handling of smaller individual tips.

Part Number Description
ETX-PR-1000 1000 µL Pipette tips rack for use with EasyTrace
ETX-PR-10000 10000 µL Pipette tips rack for use with EasyTrace
ETX-PR-200 200 µL Pipette tips rack for use with EasyTrace
ETX-PR-5000 5000 µL Pipette tips rack for use with EasyTrace
ETX-PTR-1000 96 position 1000 µL Pipette Tips transfer track for use with EasyTrace
ETX-PTR-200 96 position 200 µL Pipette Tips transfer track for EasyTrace

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